It’s that time again!

I am incredibly thankful for…

God-given Talent.

I went back through my posts and am going to pull some  pictures of things that make me smile (you can click on the picture to find the post that it originated in)

Ok, I must stop; I could post pictures all day!

Whenever I look at something I appreciate, not only nature’s beauty, but something that someone created, or thought up, or wrote; whether it be a book, or a blog, or a card, or a painting; whether it be fine design, or photography, or a song, or the machine that someone created to actually make things; I am in awe.  And while initially I might be in awe of that particular persons talent, I never forget that there is a CREATOR behind the creator of those creations!  If one person can do something amazing, just imagine the awesomeness of the God who put that talent into His children.


The really exciting thing for me to imagine, is that no matter how glorious and wonderful all of these things can be, they are all a little bit imperfect, because nothing on earth is the way that it was orginally intended…the way it will be again one day.  Imagine all of these creations perfected!  It’s almost too much to take in!