Was it only last week  that I mentioned I would be doing my best to stay away from the computer while the boys were awake?  I’ve actually done pretty well, but today I don’t think they even notice I’m here.

Here’s the deal.  My boys aren’t spoiled.  They don’t get everything they lust after; it’s rare that we buy toys for them at all.  We limit Christmas and birthday presents, we don’t visit toy stores…if we do, then they know they can look at the toys, but that the toys will stay on the shelves.   And they really are gems about the whole thing.  I desperately want them to develop an appreciation for fun things instead of a feeling that their parents are obligated to shower them with whatever they want.  So far, so good!

However…Nonnie and I found a really good deal on a train set yesterday and just couldn’t resist.  The deal was made better by the fact that we split the cost (and we had a bit of tax refund money to have fun with).  We surprised the boys last night with this:

After the last track was in place  at 6:45 pm, they knew nothing else until the timer went off at 8 signaling a later-than usual bedtime (and although I tempted them with noodles, they chose sandwiches for supper so they could eat with one hand and play with another.)  This morning they bounced out of bed at 7 am and ran to the living room.  It’s now 9:17 and they haven’t taken a break.  They chose bagels over oatmeal so they could, again, eat with one hand and play with the other.  I’ll let them have their fill today, but we’ll probably scale back the train time in the days to come so they don’t become too obsessed. 🙂

Well, I have a few more posts up my sleeve that I think I’ll tackle; take advantage of the “all we know is the train” moment.  Maybe they’ll come up for air and water, maybe a potty break or two.  We’ll see!