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I am incredibly thankful today for opportunities that have recently presented themselves.

Eek!  I’m so excited about what I am about to reveal!

Drumroll please…

I adore painting.  I don’t think anything else gives me such satisfaction as painting.  But I have NO knowledge on the subject.  I’m pretty much stuck to simple little things;  every once in awhile I get a grand idea of what I would like to paint, but when I try my hand at it, I become very disillusioned with the fact that what I had envisioned and what came to be were in reality two very different things.  So I give it up for months; relegate the paints and the brushes to the back of the closet.

However!  Just recently I received the pamphlet of Adult Education classes in the area, and one class nearly made me squeal out loud.  It’s a painting class with an emphasis on constructing “large Maine landscapes”.  Be Still My Heart!  I think it was meant just for me!  The thing is, I really think I have it in me to paint well.  I’ve just needed the knowledge to be able to get there.  Here’s to a new adventure…

Also, one other opportunity I’m thrilled about is this coming Valentines Day.  Erick and I have always wanted to take some Ballroom dancing classes together, but nothing has ever jived with our schedules.  Our church, however, is planning something grand for married couples;  we are going to be treated to a meal, and then afterward will receive not only ballroom dancing lessons, but will be able to do some fun group dancing too (square dancing, maybe?  wouldn’t that be a hoot!?)

How fun to be able to tackle two dreams on my to-do list!