It’s Thankful Thursday time, and last night things kept popping into my head; this post will be a little bit all over the place!

I am SO thankful that the last two days have warmed up; I’m seeing actual terra firma out there!  It’s just like spring!  I fully realize that we will probably get dumped on again, but at least we’ll be starting over instead of adding on.  I walked to our mailbox yesterday; it’s the first time I have done that since before the snow started to fly!  (Too cold and slippery before).

I’m thankful that, all though it led to a rather cramped experience, Erick and I had two little boys join us in bed during the wee hours of the morning (and I do mean wee…before 3 am in one case).  I know they won’t want to snuggle forever;  I’ll take it while I can!

I’m thankful for my coffee, and the fact that it will keep me half-alert today since I missed out on said sleep last night!

I am incredibly grateful for a working car!  Ours konked out twice in the last 2 weeks; oddly enough it was at the same store both times.  After not turning over try after try, and after pretty intense “Please Help Us Lord’s!” it kicked right in, and the second time around we were able to drive it to the mechanic.  During those experiences, though, I would watch people start their cars up and drive away, thinking how often we take for granted things like a car that does what it should.

Well, I could go on and on, but I’ll leave some more for next week.  Go visit Rhondi to join in the Thankful Fun!