I had every intention of regularly blogging this week…and then Monday evening Jack came down with the bug.  Then it hit me Wednesday morning, and Ryan Wednesday night.  So as soon as we are up and at ’em again, hopefully I can get back on the ball!

I do have to quickly tell you (before he wakes up) that Ryan was my little hero on Tuesday when I was taking care of Jack.  I could not peel my youngest off me-he was so miserable…so Ry stepped up and just took care of himself.  I finally managed to cook up some noodles for him Tuesday evening, and the dishes were in the living room when we were finished.  He actually volunteered to take them to the kitchen, and he even said “I’m going to clean the dishes for you!”  He drug a chair to the sink and proceeded to “clean up” for me; using the sprayer and doing his best at getting the job done.  At one point he came over and gave me a hug, then kissed Jack on the head.  Seriously.  SIGH!  Whatta kid!  And I can’t leave out my mom, who came over yesterday when I was glued to my bed, or my sweet husband who has been on all-night clean up duty without a complaint.  Family is a very, very good thing.

Be back again soon, Lord Willing!