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I don’t know, but I’m thinking Country Home went out with a bang; their last issue was probably one of my all time favorites.  And this little house had a lot to do with it!  You’ll have to excuse the pictures; I couldn’t find them online and I don’t have a scanner, so I had to snap the shots with my camera.  This little 545 sq. foot “Tree House” was my favorite!!

I adore the whitewashed walls and all of the color thrown in with the furniture and accessories.   It’s exactly what I’ve always wanted;  my husband would just die though, I’m sure.  But he is right in that if you go all white on the walls, it’s good to have some nice architectural elements in there (beams, beadboard, paneling, etc) to make it a little more interesting.  Most of which this house does not have.  ANYway, maybe someday I can build myself a little getaway like this. 😉  Isn’t it adorable?

Yesterday was a really productive day in getting some accessories added to my house; I’ll share with you what I did tomorrow!