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I could smell it on Saturday.  I could!  Spring is somewhere out there.  🙂  And how about seeing the light continue to linger until 7 pm?  I’ll give up an hour any day to experience that!

Saturday the boys were finally able to build a snowman.  It’s about time!  The weather was perfect, and we had some happy kiddos on our hands.

See that ground beneath the trees?  Hopefully we see some more snow melt between today and tomorrow with the temps we are expecting.  Can you believe we still have 5 foot drifts in our backyard?

And this is completely random, but I thought it was funny; we knew Jack was lurking in the kitchen, we couldn’t see him but he did have the fridge open.  We asked him to close it, and this is what happened:

I was just glad he hadn’t started to partake of my coffee creamer the way he guzzled the syrup a few weeks ago!  And before it gets lost in the jumble of memories, he calls Peanut Butter and Jelly “Peepee budder and helly”.

And quickly, for my dear friends who have commented and I have yet to reply too…I was absent from the house most of Wednesday through most of yesterday; I haven’t forgotten about you!

Have a good week!