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For about 3 days I was a woman with a focus…a drive…to transform the boys room from minty-green paint (over layers of wallpaper)

to this, well, peachy paint color with some kind of splotchy-plaster-something or another look.

(Amazing what you find underneath, isn’t it?)  Now we have to patch and sand and prime, but I figured I’d give it a break and actually give my children some attention.  Because who can resist these cuties?

We spent a day in a messy house, making lemon bars together:

(so summery!) and dancing in the kitchen to Chris Rice’s song Lemonade…

over and over and over again.  And playing hide n seek, and racing cars, and wrestling on the bed…and I decided that I need to hire someone else to fix my house!  And clean it, for that matter, because I would love to just play full time!