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This blog will definitely be here and there…I’ve much saved up to say!

First off all, we have spent the last few days in bed, feeling pretty cruddy.  Jack wanted to me to mark the occasion-silly picture but goes to show what we’ve been up to!

I can only pray we are turning a corner for the better, though…because the sun came out today and it’s been BEAUTIFUL!  We actually put regular clothes on and walked to the mailbox; it was so pretty that it’s hours later and the boys are still outside.  They were eager to bust their summertime toys out of the garage.

Yep, snow is still on the ground, but can you see the green grass below?  I love how on the east coast, green grass is there to greet you as the snow melts away!

(And yes, those are our leaves; we didn’t do a thing with the yard last year, so are seriously going to reap the consequences this spring…)

Anyway, it’s so pretty out there that I have the windows open in the kitchen, and Erick is staining the treads for our staircase outside.   Soon as this blog is done I’m out there until dusk!


Off the subject, but I just adore Candice Olsen.  Had to throw that out there.  I wish she would come decorate my house, top to bottom, for free…  I don’t know if you have seen her “kitchen for moms and tots” episode, but I love it.  I can’t get any great “after” pictures online, which is a shame.

This doesn’t even begin to show the beauty.  She had some amazing built in seating and lovely windows installed…oh it was gorgeous.  The thing I love about Divine Design is that even if I wouldn’t go for the style, I always appreciate the artistry.  She’s one talented lady!


Onto another subject; did I mention that Jack seemed to be the news-maker lately?  Well, Ryan made tears well up in his parents’ eyes the other night.  He has a special blue blanket that he has had since birth; he doesn’t need it all the time, but he loves to sleep with it, and if I put it in the laundry then surprise him with it when it’s clean, there are great “There you are, my blue blanket!” exclamations to be heard.  Jack knows that it is off limits for him, and he is really good about it.

Then an evening or two ago, while we were all in the living room together, Ryan just pops out with “So Jack can sleep better, he can borrow my blue blanket tonight!”  Shocker, ya’ll.  Shocker. He gladly gave it up at bedtime. Sob!


One more thing, I promise!  I feel silly asking for prayer for this,  but I also believe that God desires for us to go to Him for every little thing.  It’s about the teenager in the family.  Her name is Camry (of the Toyota breed), and she was born in 1996.  She’s given us 208,000 good miles, but she’s been quite a rebel lately, and I think she would like to retire.  (Her cousin, my parent’s Camry, is pushing 310,000!)  Lately, she has decided to play tricks on us like cutting off at stop signs, or traffic lights, or just plain right after we’ve turned her on.  We’ve put alot of love (and money) into her in recent years, and desperately want to hold on to her, because we can’t afford another car.  We are a one vehicle family, not necessarily by choice, but because of the ol’ budget!  And we certainly can’t go out and make another purchase anytime soon.  So if ya’ll could just keep us in mind-we really need Ms. Camry to either last until a sizeable chunk of money or an extraordinarily affordable vehicle pops on the scene.  😉

I’ll never forget a couple I once knew; when they were poor newlyweds, the block in their engine cracked and they had no other recourse, so they prayed, and prayed hard.  One day that truck started right up, and guess what?  No more crack!  I know God doesn’t always work in that particular way, but it sure would be a miracle if we could coax another year or so out of our car.


Well, outside I go.  Gotta soak up that warm weather.  Thanks for stickin’ in till the end!