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Let us therefore draw near with boldness unto the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy, and may find grace to help us in time of need. (Hebrews 4:16)

I love that verse! And I’m asking you to come boldly with me now, if you wouldn’t mind…(by the way, after I posted the blog that mentioned my car troubles, it’s been getting us from A to B without any hiccups, hurrah! Thanks guys!)

This issue is much more important than our vehicle, however. My momma’s sick! Arg! She’s kind of been through the stomach bug/congestion thing that the rest of us have been through, but just last week she had the wonderful added twist of a couple of fainting spells.  On Wednesday she started feeling really puny.  Passed out a couple of times and ended up feeling really weak.  Thursday she started feeling a bit better, then crashed again on Friday.  Saturday saw a big improvement, but Sunday she was tired.  This morning (Monday) the boys and I visited and she was ready to bust out of the house!  Off on a drive we went, only for her to, once again, hit a major low point in the exact same way that she did on Wednesday and Friday.

She has a Doctors app0inment tomorrow, but here is the deal.  She absolutely cannot take medicine.  Prescriptions are out, as are antibiotics; she can’t take anesthesia.  She can barely tolerate a tylenol.  It’s just her body; it seems to reject any and all chemicals; the “help” makes her extremely sick.  She has been seeing a chiropractor who is really into supplements and nutrition, but he doesn’t make diagnoses, so we are hoping and praying for a very swift diagnosis by the MD of what is ailing her, and that whatever it is can be helped in a non-chemical way  by her current chiropractor.  Or better yet, that God would just take this junk away once and for all!  That would be fantastic! “Boldly Come”, right?

Thanks in advance for your prayers; I know she’ll appreciate it.  And I’ll hopefully have a wonderful update for you soon!