I’m trying to clean house today, because my brother and sister-in-law are coming in tomorrow, and will be here for a week.  Therefore, I will NOT be getting any housework done while they are over.  So time to hit the deep-cleaning today!  But can anyone possibly give me the secret to cleaning house with two children underfoot?  Ahhhhhh!

I was looking through my pictures, and found these; I can remember taking them one morning because I was so incredulous that my house and children could go from perfectly clean at 7 am to a disaster 5 minutes later.  I think I had hopped in the shower, and came out to this mess:


I’ve often said you can either be a full time mother or a full time housekeeper.  I don’t think I can even be a half-time housekeeper.  Not if these children keep this up!

So anyway, Cais and Dan, sorry if we’re a little less than perfect when you come.  🙂  It’s all I can do to keep the cheerios from petrifiying on the floor!