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Before I get to the week with the fam…mom and I saw UP yesterday.

Oh my word, ya’ll, it was so good.  I don’t know about taking the boys to see it just yet-there are some dogs that can get pretty menacing (and then delightful, in equal turns)…we’ll see how it goes.  But we certainly enjoyed it.  Hilarious and very, very poignant.  I think it’s one of the best Pixars yet.

Anyway!  I’m at mom’s house  today, so I have access to pictures-we had a great time with Dan and Caisee.  Evening walks, homemade mexican food, visits to Freeport, Wiscassett, Bar Harbor, Camden, even a sleepover with the house filled to the brim.  Good times.

Standing in line at the infamous Reds-and we didn’t have a very long wait, either!  Woohoo!

Aunt and Uncle in Bar Harbor

Jack learning a few tips from the artist

evening at the playground

our fave picnic spot in BH

family pic!

It’s a good life. 🙂