Blast it.  I am so tired of this endless gray, as I sure everyone in the northeast is, by now.  I mean, what is it?  A month straight?  Ok, maybe 3 weeks.  But might as well be a year, actually.  That’s sure what it feels like.

Earlier today, I saw a bit of blue sky outside, so I said “Come on boys!  Lunch, quick, then we’ll get dressed and walk down to Big Bill’s for an ice cream.”  Unfortunately about 2 minutes later it was pouring outside.  Plan B; pop in some Charlie Bird and Ella Elephant and Philly Joe Giraffe CDs to jazz us up a bit, and partake of the Klondike Bars from the freezer.  So it’s been a good afternoon anyway, filled in with some dancing and wresting and hide n seek.  And I highly recommend these books and CDs-you can get a great deal on Amazon.




My dad uses them for his classes, so the boys get good use out of them too.  The cds are FUN.  They make you wanna boogie and belt out some tunes, which is a good thing on a day like today!  There are 4 or 5 more in the series, too.

In the meantime, Erick hopped over to our house (we are staying at mom and dad’s while they are away) to see if he could get some painting done in our bathroom and the boy’s room.  Low and behold, our practically watertight basement was no longer watertight, so he has been salvaging what he can from our sodden boxes.  Fantastic.  So much for a short, productive trip today…

Well, I hope you all are having a sunnier 4th of July than we are.  We are going to grill some burgers on the indoor Cuisinart Griddler that mom and dad own, and hope for a half-way clear sky tonight to have some sparkler fun of our own.  I don’t think we’ll go cruising to a big show tonight-we’ll be seeing fireworks in a week or two that are just a walk down the street.  And I’d rather do that than get stuck in 10:30 pm traffic somewhere.  🙂

Have a happy weekend!