Ok, well, Erick let the cat out of the bag on facebook, so I figured I could let all of my bloggy friends in on the know; we are selling our house.  The one we have been in exactly one year this month.  It’s all rather overwhelming right now, especially because this housing market is simply laughable right now.  As in funny, haha, tears streaming down your face, are you kidding me?  laughable.

However!  The sell of this house could quite simply put us back in the town we truly love, and into a smaller mortgage.  Closer to church.  Right near my parents. Into a place that I have adored for a long, long time.  So it’s a GOOD thing.  Gone, however, is that summer of leisure I was imagining.  We still have quite a bit of work to do on the place;  in the meantime, for some insane reason, houses are popping up for sale all up and down our street.   All very valid reasons, but talk about timing!  And looking at selling prices, we are quite resigned to the fact that we will not be recovering all of the money we put into this place.  But that is ok; the last year we have learned such an incredible amount, in every area imaginable, that we are actually willing to “pay” for the experience.

Yesterday my mother in law took the boys, and Erick and I cleared out most of our belongings to store, enabling us to work with a “blank slate”.  It is SO much easier this way.  But WOW it zooms me right back to last year, running to the gas station for a slice of pizza so we can getbacktoworkalready.  It’s all rather surreal, actually.  The really, really neat thing?  I have to actually admit that we’ve done a pretty good job on this house.  Once the details are wrapped up, I can just picture someone peeking in the window and saying “Yes!  This is IT!”  I think we have really lightened and brightened the place up, and we are going to throw in a few extras, so I’m hoping we can be competitive enough to sell, and soon.   So I’ll be sharing pictures with you soon, albeit of empty rooms.  We aren’t even going to consider staging, not with what we have to work with.  And when every penny we are spending right now is pretty much guaranteed not to be recovered, we can’t afford to buy new, pretty things.  So we’ll just hope someone can look inside and see completely-ready-to-move-in-potential.

So there!  I actually would covet your prayers.  We have a long road ahead of us.  And if you know if anyone looking to move to fabulous Maine, send them my way.  😉