I thoroughly enjoy this blog; Mr. Dalhstrom is pretty incredible. I recently read the entry for Monday, July 6th (can’t link to it specifically, but it is a read well worth it…as all of his posts are).  Completely jived with what our pastor mentioned last Sunday; found in the sermon on the Mount.  Matthew 6:2 tells us that “when you give to the needy”…as in when, not if.  

I also watched a short video awhile ago on how Christians should react to the recession…and it mentioned to give, and give more.  Interesting concept, isn’t it?  When everyone is trying to pinch pennies these days?  And not that we should give expecting something in return, but the blessings we incur when we give of what we *think* is our security!

And although this is a little off topic, it is a George and Ms. M update: when I mentioned to our neighbor that George called, she immediately knew who he was.  They were classmates, and he was an orphan who her parents practically treated as their own.  They grew up close as brother and sister.  That’s unfortunately all of the information I could glean before the blasted dementia seemed to make her a little hazy and our conversation came to an end.  BUT there again is an example of selfless giving.  There are so many ways to get involved, are there not?