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Banana-nana-fo-fired.  Me-my-mo-mired….tired!

Jack came home the other day and fell asleep standing up.  Just draped himself over the chair-he didn’t even have enough energy to climb up.  I think that is what we all feel like this summer!

Jens pictures 2009 005

Erick has the most on his plate; as soon as the school year ended, he had to do some major wrap-up work with a particular program he is involved with there.  He is now into the 3rd week of an incredibly intense Master’s course, and one week before this course ends, he’ll start teaching summer school.

All the while, we are

  1. trying to get our house in sell-able condition
  2. living at mom and dad’s house, and
  3. cleaning up the house we are going to be moving into.

All preferably before the school year starts again.  Eek.  I dunno…

Last week we also had VBS at church, and it was a first for the boys.  Erick and I accompanied them every night, minus one for me when I went to pick up mom and dad from the airport.  Wonderful!  And Exhausting!  The hilarious thing?  Tuesday morning of VBS, the very first thing out of Ry’s mouth is “When I finish my crafts, will you post them on your blog?”  Ha!  So here they are, and a few others from the week.  The boys had a “build a bear workshop”, but it was focused on the Armor of God.  It was a great success.


A few others, from game and craft and snack time:

Santa Fe 241

Santa Fe 316

Santa Fe 323

Santa Fe 260

The last one cracks me up.

To end the week, we had a good ol’ fashioned church softball game on Sunday afternoon.  I love church softball-it was a staple growing up. What southern town doesn’t have church softball leagues?  While Maine doesn’t, we had a few men get together and decide it was about time to do something about it!  A church from Auburn drove up, and we spent the afternoon playing softball, a little bit of kickball, then ending the whole she-bang with a cookout.  And 25 apple pies.  25!  Needless to say, quite a few of us got to take a pie home.  Which was not a problem.

I have to tell you-Erick was thrilled.  He grew up playing baseball and hasn’t had much of a chance to fool around with it since high school.  Well, first up to bat…very first, mind you, and he smacks a homerun.  Yay honey!







It was a good end to the week, and I, for one, actually slept well last night.

Here’s to another 7 days!  Erick is currently knocking some projects out up at our place, mom and dad are cleaning over at our, prayerfully, soon-to-be place, and I’m blogging while the boys are blessedly napping.  Then maybe I’ll catch a snooze or two before the evening work begins.

Happy Monday!