First of all, thank you guys for your compliments on the pictures; I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with the camera a little lately. And I’m sorry I haven’t replied to your comments! I love them, they mean so much to me! It’s just about enough I can do to get a blog posted these crazy days, in this busy season of life…

Anyway, I wanted to share this book with you-I found it a couple of days ago, tucked away in Marietta’s “junk” room; I love little treasures found in junk rooms! It’s entitled “Love Letters of an Irishwoman”, and it’s actually found online, for free, so I really don’t feel badly posting the letters here. I think I’ll do one a week; they are hilarious. Put together by Frank Voorhies in 1901, written by Nora. Here is the first page:

Picture 17

And the first of 10 Letters:

Picture 18

Picture 19

Picture 20

Picture 21

“Mike dear, this goat is not like other goats. When I look at him it brings the vision of your dear face before me”.

LOL! She sure knows how to compliment, doesn’t she? I laughed all the way through this little book-it took me all of 15 minutes to read, so I thought I’d spread it out a little for you. Makes it better that way, unless you are champing at the bit and want to google it for yourself. 🙂