Girl’s Week Out…was successful.  🙂

Joy and I had a great week, even though our first major cold snap came for a visit the day she did! (And by the way, Joy…today was the best day we have had since you came-Jack was even in short sleeves all day and I never donned a jacket!  Talk about timing!)

I introduced Joy to Maine, or Maine to Joy…however you want to say it-starting at Cadillac Mountain on Friday morning, and of course it was so frigid we were about to freeze our fannies off.  But we did manage a quick picture before we nearly became victims of frostbite!

get us back in the car!!!!!

get us back in the car!!!!!

We hit up Bar Harbor, Southwest Harbor, and Northeast Harbor before leaving MDI and heading down the coast to spend the night in Camden…where we talked until the wee hours of the morning, becoming completely hoarse.  It was great. 🙂  The next day we visited a local vineyard, and shopped a bit in Camden and Rockland.

a delicious tasting  :)

a delicious tasting 🙂

We arrived home Saturday night, then spent a lazy Sunday after church driving up to Dexter then winding down with pizza and the Food Network in the evening.

Monday we zipped down to Portland with mom-the waves were really crashing at the lighthouse, but the weather was beautiful and downtown was hopping.

Portland Head Light

Portland Head Light...a rock near it anyway!

I was extremely pleased that the fall color was still in full swing everywhere we went.  And the rain that was supposed to fall every day of the week…it never made an appearance minus a 10 minute cloud burst one afternoon.  I feel it was God’s little gift to us!

After I dropped Joy off at the airport Tuesday morning, I spent a marathon day housecleaning my neglected nest…accomplished more than I have in a great while.  So if anyone else is up for a visit, maybe I could wind up with a sparkling attic. I’m up for it if you are!