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When your life is incredibly crazy…all it takes is a 4 year old’s wisdom to get your priorities straight again.  Let me tell you a little story…

Busy doesn’t even begin to describe our household lately-especially Erick-he has so much on his plate I can’t fathom how he functions.  Minus the job and the Master’s degree and some church obligations (which are actually wonderful) our Saturdays and Sundays are filled either with roofing the house we are in or working at the house in Dexter so we can get it on the market.  E and I both worked in Dexter last Saturday but didn’t get as much accomplished as we had hoped, so in a completely overwhelmed state of mind, E decided that he would have to forgo church on Sunday morning and put in a full day in Dexter.  Exhausting thought, but we desperately need to finish the house…

Sunday morning, Ryan hops on the bed (before he even knows that Daddy will be away all day) and he announces “Saturdays and Sundays are for Daddies to stay home and play with their kids!!”

You have to understand that Ryan rarely comes out and says “this is what I need”.  He is every inch a “hinter”.  He usually dances around the subject instead of full on telling us what he needs (one example…”I need some cooked pieces of bread with cheese in the middle”…aka cheese sandwhich, lol).   So to come out and practically say “I need my DAD!” really was something.  So of course we change plans, and all get ready for church, wherein we hear an AMAZING sermon that spoke to us so thoroughly and completely about prayer, but it doesn’t stop there…our pastor acutally reads verses from Harry Chapin’s Cats in the Cradle, which is even more of an affirmation.  Wow.

Sooooo, after church, Daddy played with the boys and we went on a family trip to Portland.  It was awesome.  We had so much fun.   And please understand-Erick is such a fantastic and involved dad-everyone who knows him knows that.  It’s just that free time has been very limited lately.  However, after Sunday, we have decided that a change of priorities is in order.  We would actually covet your prayers, and even your suggestions!  With the weekends being the only free time to finish renovation in one place and roofing in another, but with that also being the only time currently that can really be dedicated to family time, we need to reorganize somehow, putting family at the top of that particular list.

Anyway, here are some pictures from that day-a day that will always stand out in our minds, and I bet in the boys, too.  God is Good!

fall play

Isn't this a classic?


the camera unfortunately didn't give momma immunity from the jack attack


rugosa rose hips


the waves were crashing, but the weather was gorgeous!


Portland Head Light


One Fantastic Daddy