Is that my average lately?  Is that what I’ve stooped to?  Geez, Louise!

Actually, we’ve been getting alot done lately.  You know that house we want to sell?  It’s just about ready for market!  As a matter of fact, I’m going to do some cleaning this week, take pictures, and shoot them off to our realtor.  It won’t be quite finished, but it’s good enough…we’ll put ‘er out there and keep plugging away at it.  Veteran’s Day, my sweet mother in law took the boys, and my sweet parents joined Erick and I for a marathon day of “fixin up”.  We knocked out quite a bit-it was one of the most productive days we have had in a good long while.  I spent the majority of the day painting ceilings…whoever invented the “popcorn ceiling” concept should be…should be…tied up and tickled without end.

Also, the guys from church decided to button things up for the season and finish roofing for now.  We still have about half of the roof left, but it’s the easy part and should be put together quickly next year.  So that’s nice to have that off the agenda for now!  Praise God for amazing friends who have given up their Saturdays for a good long time!

On my docket, I’m still thinking up ideas for a new blog format.  And I’m getting ready to hop back into the Etsy business!  To start it will be mainly vintage items…because I have a houseful of them.  Can you say genuine 50’s aprons?  And some great graphic ephemera.  I’m excited.

Also, I’ve been dreaming about what to do with this house-I’m quite honestly in no hurry, but it’s fun to think about what could eventually be.  I ran across this picture online months ago, and of course can’t remember the source.  But the dining room is shockingly like ours!  Here are a couple pictures of our dining room (excuse the clutter!):



And here is a picture of my inspiration:

Picture 1

It gives me hope of what could be, eventually!

Well, I am currently squished between two boys whom I assume I should rustle up some breakfast for.  Have a super week, just in case I continue the trend of a once a week post this go-round!