It’s snowy outside. We had a humdinger of a storm today! It’s 10:30pm, and I just heard a snowplow drive by. Will there be school tomorrow? Here I sit (or lay, tucked under the covers) tempting fate by staying up late thinking there might be a delay tomorrow. And that Erick might be around to help me take care of boys who don’t care that there might be a delay tomorrow, they’ll be up at the crack of dawn anyway. Sigh. We even put them to bed early tonight, which doesn’t bode well. Heck, it doesn’t matter if they go to bed 3 hours late; they are still up with the sun! But this is about a book review, right? I’m getting off track.

The latest package to grace my doorstep actually made me laugh right out loud. WaterBrook Multnomah’s offering this time around was in the form of a “grab bag” of sorts…you say “yes, I’ll take it!” not really knowing for sure what you are going to get. And the first book I took a peek at was this:

How to Act Right When Your Spouse Acts Wrong. Ha! First thought? “I have to explain to Erick right away that I didn’t request this book. It was simply luck of the draw, honey, I promise!!”

And honestly, I wasn’t really looking forward to delving into it, because Erick and I are at a very, very good place in our marriage. We always really have been, and even though he isn’t a saint (nor am I) Erick is honestly my dream come true. If I ever passed this book at the store, I would think “I’m glad I’m not in need of that book!”

And I like to read books that I want to read…but I’d said yes to the grab bag deal, so there you go. I started to flip through the book…and was captivated! Honestly! From the title I was hoping it wasn’t going to be about “turning the other cheek no matter what”, and it wasn’t. It definitely was about doing the right thing when you really didn’t feel like it, but that absolutely included giving tough love when the spouse was really out of line.

Not being a doormat. That’s good.

It actually made *me* want to be a better spouse. It was full of examples of real life couples (we all like those, right?) and I think that was one of my personal draws. I do love me some examples. And y’all, relationships can be salvaged even when they have gotten very, very messy. There IS hope, even when it feels like there isn’t.
Erick and I help to facilitate a Marriage Course at our church, and I will absolutely be adding this to the collection of books that we loan out to couples.

The second book I received was this:

What better book to receive than at a time like this, right? It was a very quick read; just sat down on my bed one afternoon and breezed right through it. It did have good examples…and one of the areas that I appreciated most about it was the beginning of the book, where Mr. Martin stressed having a budget, paying down debt, starting an emergency fund-he even gave Dave Ramsey some kudos which was excellent, because I’m a Ramsey fan myself. No better way than to find extra income than to start by really taking stock of where your money goes. But he did throw in some good ideas in regards to second jobs, and jobs from home. Many I’d heard of, a few I’d never considered before. I’d say it’s well worth the read, especially if you’ve never really taken stock of your finances-it gives some bite-sized advice to get you started on the right path.

Time to turn this computer off and tuck in for the night. And pray for a delay in the morning. 🙂