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I don’t think there is any doubt we’ll have a white Christmas this year. It’s snowing again as I type…but it’s gorgeous outside! I made some pumpkin gingerbread a few hours ago and walked some over to mom and dad’s house; the snow was gently falling and it wasn’t very cold at all. There were quite a few people out walking, as a matter of fact. When I came back, I took this picture from our porch; minus the power lines, isn’t it peaceful? You can’t see the snow, but it’s there, alright.

I like this one too, with the lights in the porch off:

Handy thing, living across the street from church!

Right now I’m bundled under a blanket on our couch. I thought I’d give you a small snapshot of this place-no big before and afters, yet, but I’ve painted the mantel and brick surround on our fireplace and put the tree up. The photo is just a glimpse-our tv is now above the mantle, but until Erick installs our cord keeper to hide those ugly cords dangling away, no full-size view! It’s hard enough for me to look at!

Have a wonderful week! And don’t forget about the upcoming fun happening here, and the difference you can help make by donating to Project 320!