The 3rd package I received from Water Brook Multnomah included this book:

40 Loaves by C.D Baker. If you want bite-sized, this is definitely bite-sized. One short reading a day for 40 days, covering intriguing questions such as:

“Why don’t I have more faith?”

“Why am I so bored with Jesus?”

“Why are Christians so hard for me to like?”

“Why don’t I know what I want in life?”

I appreciated the honesty and the personal touches-Baker is a very entertaining author…so much so that I would have enjoyed him delving into the topics a bit more. I didn’t agree with a few (very few…maybe one?) of his opinions, but it was a great “thinking” book, and encouraged questioning, which is always a good thing. At the end of each topic, he included more questions that I think would be appropriate for a group discussion, actually. I also thoroughly enjoyed some of his prayer “quotes” at the end of each chapter…many from people who lived in the 16 through the 1800’s. (Amazing to read and see how very much alike we all are, and always have been!)

Click on the book if you are interested in purchasing…and happy reading!