While not nearly a definitive after…here is a picture of how our living room is shaping up.


In Progress!

No more green drapes. Added faux wooden blinds. And 5 dollar sheer panels from Target.

Painted the trim and fireplace; the trim definitely blended in to the wallpaper-it was very Khaki, so bright white is a nice change. It’s hard to tell in the light in the picture, but it is a fairly dramatic difference. I’m not quite finished with it all yet.

New rug, new couch. Honestly, I would love to have a white slip covered couch. That’s very ME. But not very practical, because even though you could bleach the heck out of it, I’d be bleaching every day. This loveseat is actually a dream and has held up wonderfully to my boys’ absolute maniac ways! Eventually a nice chair will replace the Christmas Tree. We are using the one that was here when we moved in; it will do for now! It’s a much cozier set up; more “living room” like than before.

Actually, what I’d really love for you to notice is the nativity on the mantel that my mom made-she woke up one morning feeling inspired and had it drawn, cut out, sanded and painted in less than 4 hours. It’s amazing!

They are chunky and textured...and peaceful. I couldn't fit them all in the close ups, but there are shepards and wisemen and animals too...very, very cool!

No stockings up yet-the tree isn’t quite finished-but we’ll get there! Even if it’s the day before!