I’m a bit delayed in this; I procrastinated and then the earthquake happened…and it just felt weird even thinking about anything other than Haiti.  But this is a post I just can’t pass up…our Ryan turned 5 last week.

Oh, you should have seen him hauling around that gift last Saturday.  Hilarious.  Wouldn’t let it go…it was a big yellow bouncy ball, which is exactly what he wanted.  A Yellow Bouncy Ball.  Isn’t this age easy?  The boys are even thrilled to get pajamas as gifts.  I love it.

His birthday was Friday, so we took him out for pizza and bowling, then Grammy came over the next day for lunch and gifts.  Aunt Margaret and Great Grammy came, too.  So the kid had an extended birthday celebration which he was extraordinarily happy about.

5!  Isn’t that a milestone?  Time just flies way too fast.  I want to stunt their growth, turn the clock back, do whatever I have to do to keep them from growing.  At the same time, I can’t wait to see what kind of men my boys will grow up to be.  Sigh.

In OTHER news…y’all…I’m just about speechless.  Our house had been on the market for a couple of weeks with no bites (NOT surprising at all for our area) when our realtor called (literally MINUTES after I heard about the earthquake Tuesday evening) and said we had a showing Wednesday morning.  It was exciting, but whatever, it usually takes showing after showing, right?  Anyway, yesterday we got the news that there was an offer.  And not only an offer, but a CASH offer, no inspections wanted, and they would like to close in 2 weeks.



Our Realtor was just about as speechless as we were.  Coming from a town of about 2000, with a market inundated with homes for sale…pushing 70 right now.  Homes have been on the market there for years. Years.

This will sound crazy, too, but one thing that makes my heart happy is that they want to know what paint colors we used; they like them so much they want to keep it as is and have some extra just in case they need to touch up.  Nice thing is we still have the “extras” at the house, so Erick is just going to plop the correct can in each room.  OH, and the best part?  Even though we haven’t finished  all the details of renovating, they don’t care.  They just want in and will finish the job.

The only downside is that the offer was, ironically, just about as much as what we paid for the house originally.  And we have put so much money and effort into that place.  Luckily we don’t have any renovating debts, and at this point we are ecstatic to have an offer at all.  We are blessed beyond imagining that we’ll be able to sell and pay our mortgage; that’s all we could hope for at this point, so we are at such peace with the whole thing.

As in all real estate matters, there could still be a hitch or two along the way.  Nothing is a given until the closing has come and successfully gone; I guess the only factor now is the buyer being able to obtain title insurance…that’s all foreign speak to me but I suppose it could make things fall through.  So we’d appreciate your prayers that things would go smoothly on their end and ours.

Wow.  6 days of peaks and valleys.  Life is like that, though.  I’m so grateful we have an amazing God to see us through them!