I came across this picture in the back room of our house, included with a ton of Marietta’s school supplies.  It cracks me right up.  The quality isn’t great because I just took a picture of it…I need a  good scanner!

Doesn’t his face just say it all?  I LOVE it!  While the guy on the tractor thingamajig joyfully plows away, blocking his driveway in…

We’ve had some significant snow build-up the last day or two.  The lovely thing about this winter so far, however, has been that the temps have stayed high enough that the snow always melts quite a bit after we’ve had a decent storm.  According to the weather, next Monday it will be so warm that the precip will come down as rain (further melting the snow), which makes me happy.  Actually, I don’t mind the snow; keep it coming.  Soak into that earth, give us a green summer!  That’s what I say!  Just stay above freezing every now and then so we don’t have to live among mountains of the white stuff!

Speaking of the mountains, I spent a good while this afternoon trying to reduce those that are at the end of OUR driveway and sidewalk.  Erick was able to conquer them coming home yesterday in the truck, but today has been so nice that I donned my snowgear and shoveled away to reduce them to hills.  I have to admit, when I first moved to Maine, I was a little shocked to see women out doing the hard-labor stuff.  I’ve come to realize, however, that it really is a “must”.  Maine, for all of it’s beauty, is certainly no New Mexico.  It’s hard work living up here.  (This winter has been harder because our snowblower has spent the majority of time in the shop; I believe we have only had it for one snowstorm so far!)  Anyway, I’m determined to start getting outside to help Erick more.  Isn’t it interesting how many pills are available today to help us sleep?  I’m pretty sure we all just need to start physically doing more. I chipped ice in our driveway and shoveled it away a few weeks ago; I was only at it for about 30 minutes, but I slept better that night than I had in a long time.  I bet I sleep well tonight, too.  And I love that I can excercise without really “exercising”.

In other news, our friends Jed and Amanda that I had mentioned earlier are *prayerfully* going to have their babies next week; the ones that they have been in the process of adopting from Haiti.  SO exciting!!!  I would imagine that they will probably be holding their breath until it’s a reality; I know I would be.  I had also mentioned Diane, who works in the medical field there.  She’s been busy, obviously, but has had the chance to get a few blog posts in.  It’s really something to get the first hand accounts from someone you know. We haven’t  heard word on  our Compassion Child, Magdaline, yet, but continue to pray she and her family are ok. (Oh, what I wouldn’t do to fill up my house with cots…wall to wall, and host as many Haitians as I could right now).  We were able to buy some supplies, which were gathered and sent to Haiti on Tuesday, I believe.  It was neat to do something a little more tangible than just sending money (although that’s wonderful as well). I think Delta made room to ship, for free, about 5000 pounds of supplies.  Awesome.

That’s about all that has gone on here lately!  Oh, I just received a call from our realtor…looks like things are pretty much set to close on the house Jan. 28th…next Thursday.  EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!  Another one of those things that will feel “real” once it’s done.  We’re awaiting the payoff amount on our house-one thing I’m not so much looking forward to getting.  We had in our minds that the principal balance was the same thing as the payoff amount, which is very much NOT true.  While I had a 30 second freak out mindset about that, I mentioned it to Erick and he very calmly said “God is going to give us exactly what we need”.  Amen to that!