Oddly enough I have another post with that same title, but it was in regards to deer wandering through our yard partaking of the goodies they could find.

This one is in regards to the deer that hit our car this morning.

Doesn’t bad luck come in 3’s, or something?  If so, by golly, this is the end of our run!  The house closing fell through 2 weeks ago, the boys got sick, and the car that we have owned for exactly one week today is now awaiting repair.  That sounds a bit gloomy on my part, but you know what?  I’m so filled with joy today.  Erick was NOT injured, thank goodness!  Our deductible will only be $100 as opposed to $500 (if he had swerved and hit something else instead…ditch, tree, whatever, the deductible would have been $500.   So hit those deer, y’all!  It’s better on your finances!!)  The boys are now fine, our house will sell someday.  Erick was going to take me on a birthday date in the new (to us) car tomorrow, but my parents will let us borrow theirs, so that is still on.  And the timing couldn’t of been better; Erick is on vacation next week, and although we haven’t driven the car to the shop yet, they said they could probably work on it asap, so he won’t be stuck driving the gas-guzzling truck back and forth to work; instead he can just stay home.

So praises instead of sadness today.  I am SO thankful that Erick is ok!

Have a great weekend everyone!