It’s the Murray luck, you see.  We tend to have stretches of “fine”…then are hit with the funniest oddball stuff right in a row.  Our first year in Virginia was full of insanity but we came through it gloriously blessed in the end.  So I have no doubt that we are going to weather this stretch as well and have a pretty great story to tell in the end!  I hate to be posting another “bad luck” post, but I DO want a record of this; someday we’ll look back and just laugh.

Erick had to put something in the basement this morning and was greeted with a leaky boiler.  Not a good sign.  Call into the oil people results in the news that;

  • The boiler is cracked and needs to be replaced
  • The oil tank needs to be replaced
  • The pipes, which need to be replaced, are wrapped in asbestos, which will need to be professionally cleared out, and
  • The chimney is unlined, which will have to be remedied.

Oh Heavens. Oddly enough God has given me a phenomenal peace throughout this despite our lack of funds; one answer to prayer that we had almost immediately was that the boiler itself will be no charge since it is covered under the “Presidential Plan”; thankyouthankyouthankyou.  We have no idea what the remaining cost will be; it WILL be large, but God has come through time and again.  We’ll just take it one day at a time; one piece of information at a time.  And no, we aren’t considering moving back to the house that we currently have for sale; even if we did that, all of the changes would still have to be made at this house.  And we love it here.  It’s definitely “home”; we have no doubts about that.

On a completely unrelated note, I had a GREAT birthday on Saturday.  Erick and I spent the day together in Portland and Freeport and ended up with a movie in Waterville.  After the movie we came home to a family party which was beyond excellent.  Oh, how I love a day out, and oh, how I love to come home to my family!

Jack could not WAIT to open my gifts!

Ryan and his wonderfully goofy grins

Chocolate Mousse Cake covered in ganache...from Whole Foods...YUM doesn't even come close to describing it!

I love this picture-it's blurry but sweet.

After that Chocolate Cake, Jack was a kid possessed…by sugar.  He was just so funny and uncontainable.  Erick and I were in the kitchen with our arms wrapped around one another, content.  After awhile, Jack shouts

“Why are you Huggin’ so LONG?”

(“Because we want too!”)

“Get offa your hug!  That’s enough huggin’!”

(“Are you jealous, Jack?  Do you want a hug too?”)


Oh, I guess you just have to know him. He had us in stitches.

Anyway, I’m wrapping this post up in smiles rather than tears, which is an EXCELLENT sign.  I’ve grown alot over the years; even over the last month!  I’m so glad that our trust, our hope, our joy is rooted in Jesus; not in earthly things.  That’s something to be phenomenally thankful for.