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One more book review before before a change of blog plans; I’m stickin’ around, but have been working on a new format (thus the lack of posts lately…I’ve been exerting my efforts behind the scenes!)

My latest offerings from WaterBrook were a “grab bag”; meaning they sent me a couple of random books from a selection of 5 or 6.  Here are my thoughts on the latest:

I don’t think there is a book that I haven’t enjoyed by Angela Hunt.  The Golden Cross is actually 2nd in  The Heirs of Cahira O’Connor Series, and it was good enough to make me want to start at the beginning.  Written from the perspective of modern-day Kathleen, she delves into her past to research stories on some pretty fascinating women.  Here is the lowdown from Waterbrook on Aidan, our heroine;

Aidan O’Connor was raised among pickpockets and prostitutes in a Dutch colony on Java, Indonesia. But when a world-famous cartographer discovers her natural artistic talent, she is given a chance to leave her troubled life behind. Disguised as a boy, Aidan joins her benefactor at sea and begins the work of drawing the flora and fauna of the new world. This fresh beginning leads her into adventure–and to a great love. But can this love survive the force of Aidan’s past…and her ambitions for her future?

One of my favorite lines in the book comes from Aidan’s benefactor, an artist commenting on the sunrise;

“Look at that!” he whispered as they approached.  “Feel that, Aidan!  Can you see the majesty of the Creator?  Can you sense his whimsical mood this morning?  He has placed that single streak upon the horizon to delight my soul, to bring his majesties to mind.”

Mmm.  He could have stolen that line right out of my thoughts.  🙂

The second book is by Al Lacy.

The Faithful Heart is also the second in a series, and turns out it’s a spin-off on another series, so I was definitely beginning a little late!  To be completely honest, it wasn’t my particular type of writing style, but Al is absolutely doing something right because he has written  around 100 novels and is still going strong.  Obviously he has a fantastic readership, and you might very well enjoy this book if this Waterbrook description peaks your interest;

Dottie Harper fears for her children’s safety. Her husband, Jerrod, is struggling with dementia brought on by shell shock during the Civil War. It’s as though there are two Jerrods locked inside him: the tender and loving Christian man she married, and a harsh man given to unpredictable fits of violent rage. Dottie loves her husband with all her heart, and with God’s help, she’d determined to remain steadfast.

Dottie’s sister, Breanna Baylor, is a certified medical nurse. She’s headed west with a wagon train, planning to visit Dottie in California and meet her family for the first time. Along the way, Breanna meets up with wounded soldiers, contagious townspeople, and injured outlaws. Compassionate and highly skilled, she tends to their physical hurts and shares the gospel whenever she can. Litlle does she know that a life-or-death meeting awaits with her own brother-in-law.

Happy Reading, and I’ll be seeing you soon with a little something new!