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I must dedicate my first “official” post of the new blog to my grandma. (The link is to her blog, which is fascinating to me; stories from her childhood in Massachusetts during the Great Depression, stories from her move out west…what a treasure!)  She celebrated her 84th birthday last week, and while I had every intention of giving her a post of honor on that particular day, my grandpa up and had a stroke that very morning.  Which sent my grandma’s heart to skitterin’.  And my uncle to and fro from the hospital. Which made for some nervous family members, thousands of miles away! Grandpa is recovering, thank goodness; this isn’t the first stroke he has suffered, although it was a little worse than those prior.  Let me tell you, he takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’!

This is grandma, when she was 18, back in Massachusetts.  Isn’t she a beauty?

This is Grandpa, when he was 24 and worked for the CCC in Texas.  Isn’t he handsome?

And this picture…I love this picture.  Taken in ’47 at the State Fair…Grandma wrote on the back : “Always thought we looked drunk.  We weren’t.”  Haha!

They are just as wonderful as two people can be.  We are planning a roadtrip to New Mexico this summer…so grandpa, no more silly strokes!  And Grandma, rest easy!  And Uncle Glenn, you are our hero for everything that you do!

Happy Late Birthday, Grandma.  Love you all to the moon and back!