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Motivation?  Skyrocketed!  I was thinking I was some kind of lazy good-for-nothing for awhile there, but with spring around the corner and with the sun making grand appearances, I have so much energy.  I’m actually tackling projects around the house instead of just dreaming about them, and we’ve gotten outside the last few days as well.  We spent Saturday and Sunday at the playground along with about 1/4 of the town, it seemed!  It was so great to see people outside walking around, riding bikes, playing ball…

I think he's giving me moose antlers...

Jack demonstrating the finer points of hopscotch

Ryan in a major discussion about bicycles with another mom at the park...he could talk for hours on any given subject!

I so very much wish I had gotten a better picture of this; Jack saw a crowd of girls in the playhouse and hightailed it there. He sat and charmed them for quite awhile (I snapped this just as he was leaving); sorry about the bars in the way; I was zooming in from a pretty far distance. He is such a little casanova!

While here sits Ryan...just look at him! He's so cute! Kind of shy...but at least he's chatting it up with a girl his own age!

Tuesday I took off to Freeport; stopped in to exchange a pair of jeans at LL Bean, then headed down to the water to snap a couple of pictures.  It was pretty breezy so I didn’t stay out for long, but it was still so refreshing to be at the ocean again.

Thinking the stairs must of suffered from a frost heave or two...

I'll never get tired of a view like that!

Hope you have had your share of sunny days as well!