(The following pictures have nothing to do with this story; I just love their little bed heads and the intent expressions on their faces!)

Ryan loves to spell.  He’s so different than I am; he can just “think” it and do it…I have to put pen to paper.  We were in the car the other day, and I’m throwing words at him to spell, or spelling words for him to sound out, and he says…

“I LOVE spelling!  It’s like a work of art with my mouth!”

Sometimes he is just too smart for me.  I love that analogy.  We were retelling it to my dad later in the day while the boys were in the room, and Jack pops out with…

“Momma, do I have art in my mouth?”

Ha!  If you only knew.  Yes son, you DO have art in your mouth.


Are y’all fairing well with the time change?  For some reason it did a number on me this time.  Yesterday I could hardly roll out of bed and then I just yawned my way through the day. But I’ll take it!  Love that extra hour of light in the evening!  Spring is right around the corner…yay!