This time, last week, the boys played “pretend basketball” for a LONG time outside in the beautiful sunshiny weather.  Oh, that weather! Oh that energy!

This week, they sound like a couple of barking seals.  Last Wednesday, the noses started running.  By Friday Ryan was out of it, but by Saturday he was a brand new semi-healthy kid.  Jack stayed steady with a runny nose (that was the extent), but yesterday afternoon they reversed gears and both *tanked*.  I’m suspecting bronchitis…but who knows.  We’ll visit the doc this afternoon and see if we can Nip This In The Bud!  They do have appetites and are getting plenty of fluids.  I’m happy for that!  But Please Lord Jesus, I am so ready for a full night of sleep.

I don’t know wether it was truly Daylight Savings Time or my hormones, but I haven’t had a decent night of sleep since DST Sunday.  Wide awake at night…and just as I’m about to finally drift off the boys start up.  Hilariously they take turns; one needs mom and dad…we crawl back into bed and snuggle in, then the other one calls.  Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.  All the glorious night long.

I think it was last Thursday night that I was flat-out giddy from lack of sleep and could NOT stop laughing.  Coffee is my friend.  So is humor…might as well laugh, right?

Oh, and on that subject, a couple of days ago I found Jack up on the kitchen countertop; he opened a cabinet door and I heard him say “Helllloooooo Gorgeous!”

(He was eyeing a baggie of strawberry marshmallows).  Don’t have the foggiest idea where he picked that up but I’m glad he did because it was certainly good for a laugh!

Hope everyone is well out there…we’ll get there sooner or later!