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Oh, a little while ago, my friend Nicole alerted me to the  fact that I could buy a whole lotta blueberries up in Ellsworth.  30 pounds, in fact, and organic to boot.  Not only that, they were only 1.75 a pound…much cheaper that the non-organic variety you find in the grocery store!

We had a factory tour as well, I bought the boys along so that was great fun.  We came home and bagged, and bagged and bagged.  30 pounds=lots of bags.  We split the load with mom and dad and have been enjoying blueberries to the utmost ever since; the boys’ favorite way to eat them is just to fill up a bowl and dive in.

Saturday I made Blueberry Crumb Bars from smittenkitchen, and they turned out amazing.  The lemon zest in the crust, the lemon juice in the berries; good stuff.  It was an easy recipe-pretty much fool proof seeing as though I made it and it turned out fine!


Yesterday I was foolin’ around on the internet a bit and came across these beauties from American Chairs.  Oh, how I’d love to eat a Blueberry Crumb Bar sitting on one of these; although I wouldn’t go completely retro in my house, I’d love an item or two scattered about.

and because it’s hard for me to go blue without a pop of red these days;

might as well add some music accessories while we’re at it;

and something to gab on;

I’ll throw in some lighting too; you might remember this picture from a post awhile back; it actually landed me on their website in the press room, which was a fun surprise.  I love Schoolhouse Electric!

Now only if I can convince Erick that going back a few decades in regard to home decor is actually a good thing…