We just signed another contract.  I wish I was Jumping for Joy, but it’s hard to get tooooo excited seeing as though things have fallen flat in the past.  It was an “eh” kind of offer; little bit bigger than the first but significantly lower than the 2nd one,  (first buyer left as at the alter with cold feet, the second buyer’s financing fell through).  I think I must of  trained my emotions to not go all over the place this time around-although, Lord Willing, we’ll party when we officially turn the keys over!  May 12th is the closing date.  Right before we signed our realtor said he had gotten another call to show it today…showings have really started to pick up, but we just figured in this market that it’s better to go with something tangible than a *maybe* down the road. That was a hard decision. But we’ll see where this leads.

You know what the interesting thing is?  I know that I’ve been asking for prayer here, and we’ve had close friends and family praying as well.  I held back asking to have it added to the church prayer list because it just didn’t feel as *big* as other requests…it wasn’t cancer, it wasn’t a loss of job, it wasn’t a deployment to Iraq, it wasn’t an earthquake.  But last Thursday I decided to email our pastor to have it added anyway, and then Saturday morning when I was online listening to one of our fave stations, I caved in and submitted the request to them as well, actually feeling a little bit guilty about it.  But y’all, that very day our realtor called and said “Friday’s showing was interested!  Showing today!  Showing tomorrow!” Hmmm……

Anyway, there ya go!  God is good, He really is.  If it works, fantastic.  If it falls through,  we’re veterans in that area by now, we can take another knock or two.  But we are shootin’ for 3rd time’s a charm!