Here are the derby kids with a proud momma! (And the hair came out great…just like the picture on that long ago day)

The boys were so excited about the race; good thing we found out about it only a week before it was to happen, or they would of gone plum crazy with anticipation.

You have to understand, they are insanely competitive.  Especially Jack.  Gah.  He’s quite hard to live with sometimes because of that all encompassing urge to win.  So to be completely honest, I almost hoped they would lose.  I know that sounds horrible…but I  very much want them to learn to be good sports.  I shouldn’t have been so concerned though, because they did great.

There were 3 different runs,  then each time was averaged out in order to come up with the winner.  The boys were actually in 4 different runs at first; Jack won twice and Ryan won twice, but one of Jack’s “wins” was disqualified because the times didn’t register.  So that pretty much knocked him out of the top 3 in the end.  Even though Ry made it to the “finals”, he was completely gracious about the fact that his friend Chrissy won.  Even gave her his “thumbs up” and a congrats.  The fact that Jack at least won one of the races and ended up with a ribbon pacified him…he was pretty thrilled, actually.  Just check out these pics…

That was all part of the first round…the next pictures are of the “finals”;

Fun times.  Such enthusiasm!

Have a great weekend!