The strangest thing has happened.

My camera has poofed into thin air.  I can’t find it anywhere; I had it today, even took it for a drive and snapped some pictures.  Never had it out of the car (I took the pictures while sitting in the drivers seat…not while driving…while parked at one of my favorite spots). After a bit of time at the lake, I went to Walmart, left the camera in the car (along with my purse and multiple other things), but the car was locked and we have a security system.  Came back, nothing seemed to have been disturbed; drove home, came inside, and I have absolutely everything that I originally left my house with, minus the camera.


I have looked high and low, up and down, inside and out.  Under car seats, under beds, under piles of clothes.  Nowhere!  Gone!  Vamoose!

I, however, am looking on the bright side; if it in fact never turns up, maybe that means that I should become creative, work hard, make some money, and buy a really fabulous camera.  And then make more money by putting that really fabulous camera to work.  Sound like a plan?

Oh, OH!  I wish I had it now!  You should see outside; it’s lightly raining but the sun is shining.  It’s been a wonderful week weather-wise; this afternoon we all went outside to play baseball; that’s when I noticed that the camera was missing.  It was a bit cloudy, which would have been perfect for taking photos-the boys were so very adorable, swinging away.  I heart natural light photography.  There isn’t anything better!

Sooo…does anyone have a favorite camera?  A good manual, but that has great point and shoot capabilites as well?  Seems like I might have to start the hunt soon, and I’d love some advice!