Oh, you all were right.  I blame it on my spectacular hiding skills and my poor, poor memory.

You want to know where I found my camera?  In the car, in the console.  Hid it from prying eyes, har har.

But thank you for all of your camera advice (I would still like an upgrade), and thank you Amanda, for letting me borrow yours!  I’m trying to wrap my pea brain around the thing!

Oh, it’s Saturday.  Kind of sad; the end of vacation week for Erick.  We honestly didn’t do much, but we did get quite a bit of baseball playing in every day the weather allowed.  Dad snapped some pictures of us the other evening; I love being outside instead of staying in, wrapped up in our own little worlds.

Ryan can slam that ball.  He’s a natural, actually; from the moment he picked up a bat when he was 2 or so.  He has great hand eye coordination and can connect with it even if it’s a wild pitch.  Comes from his Dad and his Great-Grandpa Robinson, I believe!  He’d probably love to be in t-ball this year, but I’m valiantly trying to keep organized sports out of their line of vision until Erick finishes his Masters, which will be next spring.  We don’t need another thing added to our plates just yet.

Jack, well, Jack tries his hardest.  I think he’d be a great football player.  Or wrestler.  That kid is all muscle.

I love this picture; someone’s dog came bounding over and he was just a little bit excited.

Well, it’s 8:44am and the sun is shining, which means I can’t waste another minute on this thing!  Hope you all have had a great week as well!