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Saturday, we actually finally decided to get out of the house already and take the boys somewhere; we had prided ourselves on staying home during vacation week and saving gas money, but then we said to heck with that and blew the wad in a day.

In terms of adventure, well, I suppose it was a little out of the ordinary; we decided around Waterville that we’d cut through the country and hit up Belfast.  We did get lost, totally turned around without a map, so I guess you could say that was something new!  But with views like this, we really didn’t mind.

I love springtime in Maine, the greens are so, well, springy.  Kind of that neon, beautiful, new green.  We aren’t all green here yet (the grass is, the trees are still working on it) but I love the anticipation.

We grooved to Toby Mac, one of the boy’s favorites goes something like “Hey Devil, get yo junk out of here, we don’t need you, we don’t need you!”  LOL.  They totally get their rock and goof on with music.

We finally hit up Belfast at low tide…and I do mean low, low tide.  It’s fascinating what you see when you really get out there…I’ll share some of those pictures tomorrow though, or this post will just drag on.  We mainly spent the day throwing rocks in the water and eating ice cream; doesn’t get any better than that (unless you count shopping downtown, but I decided to refrain, which was not an easy decision to make!)

time to go shopping for summer sandals!

rockin' the dock; we aren't scared!

he came home with soggy pants and pruney feet. totally worth it.

Who stays clean? Who dives in?

Who loves each other despite the fact that they are polar opposites?

More to come tomorrow, it’s time to get outside!  Have a great week, everyone!