I don’t think I’d ever been to Belfast when the tide was out so far…It’s not like I’d never been out tramping around at low tide, but I guess I’d just never taken a camera before-definitely makes you take notice of the details.  You get such a different perspective when you are out on the ocean floor!  By the time I snapped this photo, the tide had started to turn, and it was flat-out creepy thinking that if I stayed where I was, I’d be underwater, big time.  Here are a couple perspectives…

Catch where that water line normally is?  I was wearing fairly ridiculous sandals to be tramping around in, so I hightailed it as soon as I snapped the next one.  Eek.  Didn’t want to be stuck there!

I love the vibrant blue greens of the wood…water can do some pretty amazing things!

This seagull found the perfect perch; I’m sure he stayed there the entire time we did.

(on the post to the right)...tide was starting to come in at this point!

Looking back at the land-I love this tree.  It’s pretty any time of year.

And I had never noticed this fella before…maybe it’s because I was never up close and personal since he’s usually near-submerged.

I love the artistry that God creates, and I love the artists that He creates as well!  Funky little woodmen out at sea are certainly fun to discover!  Wonder how many low tides it took to create him?