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You know what’s funny?  I’m hearing little kids about Ry’s age use the word “dude” in conversation.  It’s making a comeback, yikes!  But I’ll use it one more time before we hope it’s totally dropped, in this house anyway…

Meet my biker dudes.

(Jack is kind of coveting that scooter there, looks like)

The boys received bicycles for Christmas, but we were never able to afford helmets (22 bucks a pop at Walmart, ya’ll!)  With the warm weather now seemingly here to stay, we knew it was only a matter of time before they’d want to be breaking in their new bikes.  Last Saturday fate intervened and  we were  able to attend a Bicycle Rodeo put on by the Kiwanis Club…where they not only were given new helmets, but new elbow and knee pads as well!  Can you guess what they have requested to wear since that day?  Yeah…the whole getup.  They are too cute, knocking about with all their gear on for no particular reason.

After the Rodeo Saturday morning, Papa and Nonnie accompanied us to Big Bills for a First-Day-of-May ice cream.

Ryan is now officially cruising, he absolutely has the hang of it, but Jack wants you to keep a good hold on him most of the time.

(Don’t let go! I can do it myself!  Help me! I can do it myself!  Do NOT let go of my hands!)

Pit Stop, Ice Cream!

Another beautiful day is on the horizon, so it’s time to get up and get to it.  And ride bikes, I reckon!