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this has been my get-up the last few days. charming, isn't it?

We have this amazing back bedroom.  AMAZING.  The boys call it the treehouse room; it sits high above  the back lawn (because the back lawn slopes to a significant degree…it’s still on the same level as the rest of the house).  It has 5 large windows and faces the east, so the light is fabulous.  Perfect for a guest room/craft room, and I have big plans for it; have it decorated in my mind already.

The only thing is, for decades it has received neither heat nor air; it was Ms. M’s…errr…catch all room.  Most people who visited her never even knew she had a 3rd room, because it is at the very back of the house and was stuffed.to.the.gills.

Anyway, I’m assuming because of the no-heat-no-air thing, the paint on the trim cracked to a huge degree.  Cracked, crumbled, you name it.  I also assumed it was probably lead paint (although I don’t know for sure).  Instead of taking the easy route, cleaning up a bit and just painting over the existing stuff, I decided I’d rather be safe than sorry, and get rid of the old before I painted the new.  Make it brand spankin’ new.  If Only I Had Known…

This picture is after 3 applications of chemical stripper.  2 “safe”, 1 “toxic”.

I finally gave in and used the electric sander…and it doesn’t look better, y’all.  Ugh.  Can you say impervious?

(Disclaimer: I have kept the boys far, far away.  I have been suited up with a high quality filter/mask/gloves/safety glasses.  And I have prayed that the Lord would just flat-out negate the toxic situation!)

Oh!  Oh!  And after the first go-round, I just (obviously) wasn’t thinking straight, and didn’t lay a barrier down on the floor.  Stupid!  I know!  This is what patches of the floor looks like now.

it's stuck but good. awesome!

So this is why pros get paid what they do…

It’s about worn me out; Grandma M. kept the boys today, so while I should of perservered and tried to somehow tackle the remaining crud, I decided to actually have some fun.  I’m so glad I did; I worked on “accessories” for the room today.   Here’s a glimpse!

3 out of 5 pillows in the works; can you ever have enough pillows? sorry about the fuzziness...light wasn't great.

I painted as well; I’m going to do some kind of series like this to go on the wall:

might not look like much here...but I think the end result will be neat!

And this…I’m very excited about this.  It’s on it’s way…I ordered it as a “we sold our house!” gift to myself.  (Click on the picture for ordering info).

So…yeah, gotta finish that trim job.  It’ll be worth it in the end. 🙂