Back!  With much to share-which I was originally going to separate into different posts, but we’ve been without a modem for a week, so I’m just going to smoosh some randomness into this particular post.  Luckily (and funnily) we could access my parent’s internet as long as we sat on the arm of the couch and precariously perched the computer on our legs (which led to the danger of a wily boy knocking it off onto the floor or numb rear ends from the uncomfortable seating arrangement).  And even then, the internet was sporadic at best.  So blog posts fell to the bottom of the priority list!

Passed by this particular scene on the way to Skowhegan last week; snapped it on the road, in the car-love the colors.

We were on our way to a fabric shop.  I heart fabric, I heart it so much.  I think only a lover of fabric could understand how much the next picture could make me, well, almost stupidly giddy.

I have the top for a lap quilt sown, and I’m going to back it in Amy Butler’s Pink Tumbling Roses.

It’s wonderfully soft and flannel with a beautiful aqua background.  I can’t wait to cuddle up in it; it will match what I’m working towards in the back room, which is coming along at a snails pace, but I AM ready to paint that blasted trim.  I ended up hand-sanding with 100 grit; it’s not perfect, but I’m not heading towards perfection.  Lost that desire a long time ago. 🙂

One reason I’m excited to make this room live-in ready is that it will be a great escape to create, and I can watch the boys play in the backyard while I’m there.  Perfection.

And oh!  This is definitely off subject, but something I’m absolutely thrilled about:

We are getting our milk delivered!  Fresh, raw, organic, whole milk.  I’ve wanted to buy this for ages, but an extra trip to a local farm is inconvenient for us, having only one car in the family.  However…Mr. Jim shows up 2 times a week on our doorstep now.  It’s fantastic!  And the milk is absolutely delicious, just the way God intended. 🙂

I have a boy-free day today, and have to clean house in order to host our Primal Study tonight.  So it’s time for me to get busy!  Have a beautiful day!