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Good grief, the week absolutely zooms by.  As long as the boys stay asleep for awhile…I hope to get a few posts going-I have quite a bit to catch you up on!  For today, though, I’ll wrap up last weekend.

I love this picture.  Love it.  So glad I captured this particular moment!

Isn’t that the sweetest thing?  We have dear friends who invited us over to their land and the kids ran amok with the animals all of Friday and part of Saturday.  I have a great shot of Ryan holding a chicken.  A GREAT shot, but of course it’s on the internal memory of the camera, and I can’t find the camera cord.  Someday I’ll pop it up here.  It’s too cute.

Here is Jack walking a bunny…on a leash!

Ryan on the rope swing; momma isn’t quite confident enough to let them jump from the highest limb like their friend Andrew, in the next shot…

Or Asheley, in this one;

Equally thrilling and terrifying!

Here are Jack and Asheley peeking into Peter Rabbit’s hole; Jack is yelling “Hello!  Is anybody in there???”


And more silliness by the campfire with friends; a great way to end the day!

Have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend, and remember our heros…

God Bless!