So Jack asked me last Sunday…on a very lazy afternoon in which I really didn’t care to get off my duff…”Mommy, how do you put sunscreen on?”  I told him just to squirt a little into his hands and rub it on his arms.  I should have known.  I really did know what would happen, but in the moment I was too doggone tired to care.  About 10 minutes later, Ryan came inside and said “I think you should come see Jack.  He has too much sunscreen on”.

please no pictures.

do you see it plastered in his hair?  oh, it was plastered EVERYWHERE.

And forget the “no tears” formula.  Ha.

Oh, he is my messmaker.  But I should have known with this one!  Bad parenting on my part!

Although…the very next day, mind you, while I was scrambling to clean up, shower, and get dinner started, I walked into the dining room because I heard hilarious laughter.  Can you say mashed banana?  I take no responsibility with this one.  Sorry about the blurry pictures (had the wrong camera), but the faces are priceless.  Especially that last one; oh that is a wicked grin, little mr. goober.

He skated in it, he swam in it, he slipped in it.  He was such an enormous mess by the end.  And someday we’ll drag these pictures out when he is exasperated with his children.