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Last Saturday morning, our church held a yard sale and 5k to benefit H.I.S Home for Children in Port Au Prince, Haiti, and various other ministries that we help support.  Last Thanksgiving we also had a 5k to benefit our local food bank, but we were wienies and didn’t participate.  So this time, there was no way we were staying home!

Erick wasn’t able to participate; sadly his first men’s baseball practice (which he had been looking forward to for a long, long time) started at exactly the same time the 5k did.  But that was ok; Nonnie and Papa were there to help!

I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to go; I planned on walking the entire way and was hoping that if we kept a slow pace, the boys would be just fine.  But this was a race, after all, and the boys couldn’t help but get caught up in the excitement.

Jack announced right off that “I think I’m going to win or not!”  Haha.  He was right either way!

Like I mentioned, I had planned on keeping a reasonable pace so they wouldn’t wear out, but poor Papa had to take off after Jack because that kid was intense. Dad finally had to make him  stop because he didn’t really want to end up carrying him the whole way, but I don’t think he would have given up.  He was so focused; never complained!  Ryan has his mama’s stamina, so he wore out pretty early on but never took up an offer to go home; he was willing to stick it out until the end.  He gives himself great pep talks.

When it was all said and done, it took us an hour and a half (ha, I know!) but I was just so proud of my little guys for their accomplishment.  Doing a hard thing to support something much bigger than their little comfortable world.  It’s my desire to really get them involved in things like this, early on.  And to make it a lifestyle!

worked up quite an appetite!

We had lunch at the end and great fellowship; nothing like a well deserved hot dog! 🙂