Today is my Dad’s 60th birthday!  Happy Birthday Dad! And oh, we had some fun plans for today, but Jack had an upset stomach last night (which actually might have been the result of an overdose of m&m’s last night; we were having a mini party because daddy is across the country at his brother’s wedding and we really really miss him so we wanted to do something to feel better about the whole thing!)  Anyway, after a fairly long night we decided to send Ryan out with the birthday crew for the big day, and Jack and I hunkered out here.  He is feeling much better; we actually got a little thrifting in and had a water fight (I handed him the hose to water the flowers, big big mistake but I should have seen it coming!)  After we dried out we had a sword fight, then I went to tend to some laundry, and came back to one tired fella.  I have no camera so I tried to angle Erick’s Mac to take a shot with photobooth-it’s harder than it sounds!

I love these moments.  Sigh.  A precious couple from our church just got married (as in, right now, right across the street, they are getting ready to come down the steps!) and I can’t help but be excited about what is in store for them and be nostalgic about what is behind us, and what resulted in us meeting and loving and wedding and having these two little boys.  Sweaty dirty slightly stinky, I’ll take them any way I can!