Oh y’all, I’m just cracking up right now (in a good way).  The start of summer has *not* been good to us; I’ll spare you the details but what I was hoping was an m&m overdose turned out not to be.

Can you say ewwww? There has been a funky stomach bug floating around our town and the boys were struck with it.  It typically lasts 5-7 days and is just pretty rotten.  Sure enough.  God was good enough to give Jack enough spunk to last the drive to pick up Daddy in Portland on Father’s Day morning; he spent a whirlwind vacation in California, being best man in his Brother’s wedding.  And poor Erick; he had no sleep while he was there, and after coming back on Sunday, he had to turn right around on Monday and head for Belfast (Maine!) to take a week long intensive.  He was so tired last night that he came home at 5:30, fell in bed, and slept straight through until this morning.  So I’m pretty much a single parent until this weekend.  Fabulous timing!

The boys and I are stir crazy.  Ry is feeling much better, but Jack is practically a little rag doll today.  It’s pathetic.  But I’ll take quiet and pathetic over loud and cranky, because that is what he has been for days on end.  He does not do “sick” well!

Add to that the rain today; and a leaky roof…

And the fact that I actually wanted to include pictures in this blog, but in the midst of my fruitless attempt to find the downloader thingy, I opened a drawer in the living room which came zipping out with amazing speed, crashing glass coasters from here to kingdom come.  Can you say tiny glass shards?

But you know what? I actually think I needed that.  It really made me laugh, because I titled this post, stepped away to search for the thingy, then the crash happened. And it was good for me.  Every moment of the day is about choice; are you going to cry your eyeballs out or choose to make the best of things?

Anyway, I really am doing well despite the little circumstances.  A few years ago I would have been wallowing in self pity, which is entirely too silly.  I’ve grown up alot, obviously. The yuck of this week doesn’t even begin to compare to so many other yucks out there.


I decided to do something “fun” yesterday to break up the boredom, so I tried on some lipstick (I really haven’t worn make-up since 2005 when I quit working outside the home).  I asked the boys what they thought and they were pretty horrified; “what IS that on your lips?  take it off!  We like you regular!”

But *I* liked it.  Erick came home and said “whew I haven’t seen you like that in a LONG time!” right before he drifted off to dreamland.  So that was something productive; I shall start wearing make-up here and there.  My husband approves.  And I really should spiffy myself up for his sake (and mine!) more often.

The other bright light to the last few days?  I picked up Nutella at the store last week and we have been reunited.  Me, a spoon, and Nutella. *Happy Sigh* I just have to make sure I don’t down the entire jar.

Well, I just promised a fella that the rest of the day is his; we’ll do whatever he wants.  So I’m off to make the best of things!