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We are all well, (hooray!), and the bug seemed only to affect the boys. Thank goodness.  They’ve been chipper for 7 days, so we have been trying to make up for that first lost week of summer!

Tomorrow we’ll visit the lake (we usually hit the coast, but have decided to go down the road a piece to shorten the trip a bit).  The day after that, mom, dad and I are going to be up with the birds.  At the crack of dawn.  Which is early in these here parts, my friends.  I’ve wanted to visit the Montsweag Flea Market for years, but have been rained out in earlier attempts.  This little gem has been written up in magazines and is supposedly one of the best in Maine; I’m only slightly excited.  Slightly.  I’ve told my parents to be prepared; after a good long time cooped up with the boys I’m ready to traverse the state, far and wide.  It’ll be a coffee day, I’m sure.

In the meantime, Erick’s baseball season has begun.  I’m so happy for him; this is the first time he has played ball in, well, a good long while.  Pre-children he played on a church softball league for a summer, but that was a long time ago.  This is a local league, only 3 teams, and pretty stress free.  And just a short walk to the ball field. He is LOVING it.  I’m sure he’d tell you the same; he’s like a little kid again.  And he’s doing great.  My dad bought his camera to the first game and snapped some pics; I love seeing Erick so relaxed and carefree.

He won’t let me post the picture of him fairly flying into 2nd base; it was the type of play that makes me want to actually stay home from games.  Or put my hands over my face and cringe.  How men sacrifice their bodies in the name of sports!

Well, it’s time to partake in a safer kind of sport; a family Wii bowling tournament.  I’m ready to take on some boys!