We had one of the loveliest weekends!  Friday at the lake with the wonderful Ms. Ashley and the boys, then pizza and Wii tournaments that evening.  Saturday up and at ’em early with mom and dad; flea marketing, a visit to Five Islands, and wrapping it up at the festival in Bath.  Saturday morning at church, then a cookout with friends and fantastic fireworks in Freeport.

Today, this is what I feel like.

Just hide me from the doggone world.  I am so worthless.  It is so humid. I have no energy.  The only thing I accomplished this morning was cleaning up a mirror that I have been intending to clean for months to put on the wall in my living room; I felt pretty good that I had at least accomplished one thing on my list before I fell into a sleepy, energy-less stupor, and then the darn mirror fell over and shattered into a zillion pieces.  HA!

Right now I am stretched out on an unmade bed (sheets are in the dryer, too pooped to remove them) and the box fan is on full blast.  I’m feeling pretty good in front of it, but I still have tired ol’ bones.  So ya know what?  I’m not going to feel bad about the unfinished list, about the no-sense-of-accomplishment-feeling.  The boys have been fed a diet of cheerios and ice cream today, and that is ok.  Just have to get through one more meal and the next 5 hours before bedtime, then it’s light’s out for me.

Tomorrow is a new day.  Thank goodness!

Stay tuned this week; I DO have a few more fun details of the weekend and pictures as well…also a video of a Jack dancing the robot to country tunes; you might not want to miss it!